offers an easy way to sell art as elegant products, helping artist earn money by
reaching out to entirely new set of audiences across the globe.

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Art As Product Range
Art Prints
Round Neck TShirt
Mobile Cases
Spiral Notebook
Laptop Skin

Inkalabh lets you monetize artworks by selling them as some of the most sought after products in market. We carefully choose products keeping in mind the exclusivity of your designs, each art sold as products is created on demand, so you earn 100% of what you dictate. Time to forget minimum order quantity, breakevens & storage of mass produced products as you solely concentrate on making beautiful art and promoting them.

My Art Work Copyrights

Ownership of your art work always remains with you. From retaining 100% of markup to, you having absolute control over the ownership of art, by uploading on Inkalabh you never stand a chance to lose copyrights over your work. There is complete liberty to choose what products you wish to sell your art as, along with percentage of markup you wish to earn for as much time and quantity.

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How I Earn

Base Price

This is the basic cost of creating a product with your art on it. Artist earnings are added over and above this price. Inkalabh gets this amount out of the entire sale.

Artist Markup

Enjoy complete liberty to add a desired markup you wish to earn over the base price. You as an artist get 100% of this amount.

Taxes & Fees

An extra 8% is added to the sum total of Base Price & Artist Markup for Taxes & Prodessing Fees. All these goes to run the Government and bank.

Base Price added with artist Markup and Taxes give a retail price at what your product is sold.


What Inkalabh Does