Order & Shipping related FAQ's

In How many days shall the products ordered be shipped?

Every art is printed and crafted on demand, thus the entire printing, making & curing time varies from 3 days to 7 Days at max. 
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How much do you charge for shipping?

At the moment we offer free shipping on all our Prepaid Orders across India. Cash on Delivery orders attract a flat Rs.50 payment collection charges

Can you gift wrap the order?

We can take it as a special request over Email or WhatsApp. Not all products can be gift wrapped. Also remember, the Govt. regulatory guidelines do not allow a package gift wrapped, solo flying across the nation without an Invoice mentioning its contents, price, place of origin & other billing details. If you are okay with all that we are usually okay with gift wrapping it too. 

Oh No! I received a damaged shipment, what to do?

Do not panic; simply intimate us about damaged delivery within 48 hours along with pictures of damaged art & packaging through Email or WhatsApp. Post intimation, we arrange for reverse pickup of damaged product from your place.  Upon receiving the damaged return shipment a replacement shall be sent to you in another 7 Days. Please ensure to pack in all contents securely before handing the return shipment to the courier guy.

What is your return policy? 

We offer an 11 Days Return Policy for all our products that have quality issues including damages on arrival. A onetime Size Exchange is offered for Apparels. Refunds are made only in case we are unable to meet our 100% Happiness commitment. Since each product is made on demand, we expect our customers to understand that art created on demand with extreme love, care & workmanship should not suffer the try and buy, no more need it, unnecessary return, exchange & refund syndrome that other mass produced goods have to go through.  Having said that, we value you and your happiness more than anything and stand by our commitment to offer 100% Happiness Guarantee.

So how do I initiate a return process?

You can simply mark us an email on care@inkalabh.com with your order details and reasons you think could have ensured more satisfaction and happiness to you in the exchange or replacement as requested so we can begin a procedure to ensure a better experience. 

Do you arrange for reverse pickup? 

We arrange pickup for Prepaid Orders free of cost from whatever place the product is lying at, provided the pin code is serviceable. For Cash on Delivery Orders you shall have to ship it to us at your own cost. 

Under what conditions shall Return Shipments be liable for no replacement?

Please ensure the product returned is unused, unwashed and unsoiled. The original packaging and product should not have been altered, installed or fiddled with. If the above checks are not cleared no replacement shall be sent. 

What is your Refund Policy? 

We offer a refund on case to case basis of the complete amount via Bank Transfer on not being able to offer you a 100% Happiness, despite getting multiple chances from you to mend the issues. Considering the fact the product was created on demand involving a copyright artwork from an artist we do not offer a No Questions asked refund due to change of mind or no more need it reasons. 

What about Size Issues in Apparels? 

We offer a onetime size replacement of same Apparel & Art type with a size of your choice. Although this time we would expect you to go through the Size Table of each Apparel type before confirming a onetime size exchange for a correct fit. 

Can I choose a different Artwork during replacement? 

Artists are involved every time an artwork is printed, hence we cannot offer a different artwork during replacement due to damaged delivery or quality & fit issues. This makes it fair for an artist and also protects their interests, reputation, and artwork copyrights.

Does the color of actual product match exactly with what’s shown on screen? 

All the mock-ups of artworks and products displayed on website are computer generated and thus minor color variation in the actual product when compared to various screens on which artwork is being viewed is very natural. Moreover, various products with similar artwork could also show slight color variance due to the property of surface, the artwork is printed on. Having said that, do not expect a vast color inconsistency as we take most care in ensuring profiling & managing color gamut of each artwork being printed on demand giving true art reproduction. 

How about Bulk Orders? 

Oh yes we love to have bulk orders from awesome people. We have supplied several of our products as a Bulk Supply and loved the immense affection shown in return. Just shoot us an email with your requirement at care@inkalabh.com and our eyes shall light up to the thoughts of shipping yet another bulk order which gets us love & appreciation in bulk.  

Can I buy Wall Art in a different Size? 

As a special request we can offer Art in a different size in the same proportion without any issues but you shall be charged for closest higher size live on the website. We cannot go beyond the highest size listed for the artwork. In regards to changing size proportions or cropping artwork we shall have to take due permission from the artist before committing the order. Please feel free to make your requests on care@inkalabh.com 

Can you offer the phone case not listed on the website?

Yes we can. We have selected a few phone case models for display to avoid creating multiple mock-ups that result in poor browsing speed. Since the Smartphone market is too dynamic we shall need to check it on request if the phone case you are looking for can be made available. At any given time there are over 90 Smartphone Case Models we can provide and there is a high chance yours can be one of them. Feel free to make a query on email care@inkalabh.com or WhatsApp to 8950000789. 

Artist's FAQ's

How do I signup as an Artist with Inkalabh?

All initial Sign Ups get User Accounts. At the bottom of User Account Page, upon clicking Activate Artist Account button the User Account is converted into an Artist Account. One needs to Sign out & Re-Log In using same login details to go to the new Artist Account. You can always contact care@inkalabh.com for any Sign Up or Login Issues.

What does the unique Username have to do with my profile?

We made it easy for you to refer your audiences to your Inkalabh profile url by attaching your unique username to website address like www.inkalabh.com/sweatart  This makes it easy for you to use one common link on all your Social Profiles, Personal Blogs, Online Networks & even business cards.

How do I start uploading Art on Inkalabh?

Click on the Add button on My Art & Products Tab in your Artist Dashboard. You start with Wall Art as your primary products for which a High Resolution artwork file is required in free size & ratio. While the High Resolution file being uploaded goes through a process of size & base price calculation you can start to feed in Artwork Title, Keyword Tags, Artwork Description, Subject Categories and then your own Mark-up % you want to earn. By clicking on Submit & Save, the artwork goes live on Inkalabh. The same high resolution file uploaded by you is used to print the artwork when a confirmed order is placed by a customer at Inkalabh.

How can I sell products at Inkalabh?

Once Wall Art is submitted you need to add desired versions of same artwork to sell as various products. For your gorgeous artwork to be printed on those remarkable products, we require the same artwork files to be resized in fixed Pixels for accurate printing, mock-up generation, & display on Inkalabh. Since products shapes are final it is your artwork that needs to be resized in 1300x2000 Pixels JPEG, 3300 x 5100 Pixels (preferably PNG), 4600x3000 Pixels JPEG & 4600x2000 Pixels JPEG such that it perfectly fits around the product while printing.

What file format should I use when uploading images?

Your images need to be saved in RGB, Abode RGB color space. While JPEGs are best image format, for apparels we recommend a PNG file that has its transparency turned ON so the background white is not printed onto the apparel. We do not accept TIFF, GIF, CDR, PSD, PDF format. We also request you to keep the size of the image less than 35MB.

How are Retail Prices & my earnings decided?

It is you the artist who decides the MRP & Earnings for each artwork & product by adding your desired margins on Base Price.  Base Price is the basic cost of creating a product with your art on it. Artist earnings are added over and above the base price by you in % terms. Inkalabh gets this amount out of the entire sale which also includes our margins. Upon this very base price you enjoy complete liberty to add a desired mark-up % which you as an artist get as earnings. The sum total of Base Price & Artist Earning is added with Transaction Tax which forms the Retail Price of the product. E.g. Base Price is 500 + 10% Artist Mark-up  + 8%  Transaction Fee  makes the equation 500+ 50 + 44 = INR 594.

Can I edit my Mark-Up % on every product?

Yes you have complete liberty to edit Mark-Up% on each artwork or product types as and when you may like. The changes shall instantly have an effect on the Retail Price of the products being shown to the user.
P.S. Even Base Prices are not fixed and could be subject to changes as and when we may feel necessary.

Who prints ships & co-ordinates with the customer?

We use the High Resolution files uploaded by you to print process and craft your art into a product as and when an Order is confirmed by a customer.  It is our job to handle all order related queries, printing, manufacturing and shipping while also coordinating with the customer as you sit back and work on your next masterpiece.

I made a Sale; When & How do I get paid?

Earnings for confirmed orders are shown as pending in your Sales & Purchase history page, and fall due 10 days after date of delivery. This buffer time is to account any cancelled or returned orders. All due earnings are cleared in 7 working days via NEFT for Indian and PayPal for artist outside India.  We request you to kindly keep the Banking Details form duly filled for us to make seamless payments.

What about My Artwork Copyright?

Ownership of your art work always remains with you. From retaining 100% of mark-up to, you having absolute control over the ownership of art, by uploading on Inkalabh you never stand a chance to lose copyrights over your work. There is complete liberty to choose what products you wish to sell your art as, along with percentage of mark-up you wish to earn for as much time and quantity as you may like. We never print your artwork without a confirmed order and ensure the High Resolution JPEG of your artworks is stored in secured servers.

How to track my Sales?

On the Artist Account visit Sales & Purchase page which gives details of each artwork Sold along with its Order ID, Date, Payment Status,  Order Status & your individual earning. All these are real time data and thus not all Sale History can be termed as confirmed orders since Cart Abandonment, Test Orders, Wrong Address Inputs, Suspicious IP, Incomplete Payments, Red Flagged Payments, Disapproved COD, Cancelled Orders and Delayed Payment can result in us not processing an Order.

Can I buy my own stuff?

Yes you can buy your own stuff while also ensuring you do not have to pay for your own margins. At the cart your own margins are deducted from the total of the products. We are already associated with several artists who make use of our printing setup and expertise to get their hands on remarkable products printed with their art on it. We are anxiously waiting for you too to start buying your own artworks from us in future.

Can I make my own artwork Not Available for Sale to Public?

Yes, during artwork uploading or by clicking on Edit button below an artwork in My Art & Product Page, you can make your artwork unavailable for sale to public. What that means is that the artwork shall only be offered for sale on your own profile and not be listed under the Subjects & Tags searched by general public.

What are the content guidelines for artist on Inkalabh?

Although we understand freedom of creativity should not be oppressed yet in order to comply with Terms & Conditions of several third party tools our portals uses, we cannot allow any Pornography, Nude or Sexual artwork and content on the website. Apart from that we are strictly against posting of artwork that intentionally promotes Hatred, Crime, Violence, Drug Abuse, Swear Words, Hurts Religious sentiments, Child Abuse, Discrimination against Color, Sex or Ethnicity and defames any human living or dead, religion, religious group or associations. We advise self moderation for Not Safe for Work Mature content and expect you to turn on Safe Filter when the artwork is uploaded. We also request you to ensure no third party logos, designs and photographs are used without prior permission from the owners. The rights of judgement remain with Team Inkalabh weather or not to ban content from the portal.  

What about Intellectual Property & Copyright Claims related to artwork?

In order to ensure no Take Down notices are received for your artworks, please shy away from using third party images, logos, designs, content, tag lines, photographs and design themes. While we understand art is always an inspiration from some other art we still expect none of the content infringes upon someone else’s Intellectual Property. If you think one of your artwork has been copied please free to notify us with the link to care@inkalabh.com and we shall look into the claim seriously.

How does Discount Coupon in Marketing Kit Page work?

Although we believe art should not be discounted, yet a Discount Coupon tool is provided for you to offer some discounts to your customers, fans, friends & family. You can create a custom Discount Code which shall be applicable only on your products and earnings. There is a choice of making it a multiple use, single use, offer limited time validity and ability to manage its status in real time. If you have some brilliant proposal to share related to marketing efforts for your artwork, we shall love to hear from you on ideas. Based on your feedback and usage we shall work out on giving more benefits to you for sharing your discount coupons.

A few tabs like User Metrics, Social Wall & Sales Channels are not working.

These are work in progress and shall be live based on data, usage pattern and feedback we collect from you. We shall notify once these tabs are live.

What are some common upload problems?

While we make sure the upload of artwork for Wall Art & Products is seamless yet in case of a delayed time in browser auto refreshing & showing mock-ups, we recommend you to manually refresh the browser to see if the upload was completed or terminated. This could possibly happen during Apparel Artwork upload or Mugs artwork upload. In-case of repeated issues please report it to us via email on care@inkalabh.com